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A creative brand + web design studio


For entrepreneurs that are ready to take action

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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Artia Design Co. is focused on helping creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profit organizations make their mark on the web. Whether your passion is making more money or helping others in the community, we stand behind you 100% of the way. Having a beautiful, professional and purposeful online image is key — and that's where we come in!


Starting a new business?

We're here to help you.


business consult

Don't let fear or lack of knowledge or time stop you from moving forward. Let’s have a chat and get down to business. We'd love to help you!


custom brand+web design

Let's create a stunning brand and website for your business that reflects your unique personality and attracts the clients you want.


stationery design

Compliment your brand with professionally designed stationery items for print, web or both. We also do invitations, e-books, and more!


The Studio


Artia Design Co. is a digital design studio dedicated to providing purposeful branding and web design services.

We help creative women, bloggers and small businesses make their presence with our beautifully crafted and strategic branding and website design services.


♡ a Love Note ♡

Talking to Tiara was like lots of lightbulbs went off all at once. I never felt like she was pushing any particular idea but she was simply giving her informed opinion on great options for starting my business online. It really just felt like she awakened all of the ideas I had ignored previously and pushed me to start taking the steps to get my online legal service business up and running.
— Shountae Boothe, Attorney-at-law

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